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Ideal Home Security

All-in-one model for security needs, offering seamless phone control and real-time streaming capabilities.

August 20, 2016

Team of 2


In the present time, home and office security has become very important. These places are not secure in our absence. To ensure their security, people prefer to hire guards or consider electronic systems. Currently, various types of security systems are available, but they are sold separately and tend to be relatively expensive. I have developed an all-in-one home security system with phone control and live streaming capabilities. I have tested this system in a model home made using foam sheets to demonstrate how it operates.


  1. Live streaming agility
  2. Password security for your home
  3. Phone messaging alert
  4. Beeping and Lights turn on if any motion is sensed in the absence of the owner
  5. Cheap and reasonable
  6. RFID Scanning technology


  1. Upon exiting the premises, the owner must set the password lock using the keypad. The LCD screen serves as the interface, and once it's locked, the system becomes armed.
  2. PIR sensors and ultrasonic sensors are installed in various corners of different rooms or areas within the premises. If any motion is detected in any spot, the alarm is triggered, and an SMS is immediately sent to the owner's mobile phone.
  3. If entry is attempted through the front door, the reed switch will be deactivated, triggering the alarm. The SMS sent to the owner's phone will provide specific information about the exact location of the intrusion.
  4. Lights and a beep will activate when the alarm is triggered.
  5. Additionally, the owner has the capability to monitor real-time activity within the premises.
  6. The uniqueness of this system lies in its use of an old smartphone as a camera. Advantages of this phone camera over other more expensive professional cameras available in the market include the ability to remotely activate the phone's flashlight through the owner's phone, the capability to communicate with the person inside the premises during an intrusion, motion detection, and more. All of these features are made possible by an app that I discovered and had installed on both the client's and owner's phones.

Modules and Devices Used




This project will always hold a special place in my memory because it was a significant learning experience that allowed me to think on a higher scale. I would like to express my gratitude to Sharada Vidyanikethana, my school, for the support and encouragement they provided throughout the development of this project. I am also deeply thankful to my parents, without whom embarking on such projects would have been a daunting task. I extend my appreciation to Keerthi Prasad for his invaluable assistance in constructing the project and for his unwavering support during the event.