Dive into my creative journey through a collection of my projects.

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  • Mediwise PWA App

    Comprehensive healthcare management system for hyperlocal medical setups such as hospitals and clinics.

    Mediwise PWA App | Sarthak S Kumar
  • Anuraksha SOS App

    Addresses need for a local responders network for swift help during an emergency via accessible technology.

    Anuraksha SOS App | Sarthak S Kumar
  • Hombale Films Auditions Portal

    Online Auditions portal for Hombale Films, enabling nation-wide candidate submissions and media uploads.

    Hombale Films Auditions Portal | Sarthak S Kumar
  • Salaar Part 1 - Ceasefire Movie Official Website

    The official movie website, leading world-wide Salaar Fan Army & Creative Squad campaigns.

    Salaar Part 1 - Ceasefire Movie Official Website | Sarthak S Kumar
  • Quick Send PWA

    QuickSend enables you to send messages without the hassle of saving contacts.

    Quick Send PWA | Sarthak S Kumar

    Personal portfolio website to display my work and projects. | Sarthak S Kumar

    Find loot offers, online sales, hot deals, best coupons and promo codes from Amazon. | Sarthak S Kumar
  • Accorto App Concept

    Offers personalized outfit recommendations based on users wardrobe, leveraging AI tech.

    Accorto App Concept | Sarthak S Kumar

    Free access to udemy courses for professional development and upskilling. | Sarthak S Kumar
  • AnyJob Landing Page UI

    Landing page UI for AnyJob, a job portal for freelancers and employers.

    AnyJob Landing Page UI | Sarthak S Kumar
  • Dash-Analytica

    Monitor voter turnout, run targetted campaigns and estimate capital for area-wise campaigns.

    Dash-Analytica | Sarthak S Kumar
  • Environmental Sensors Monitoring System PWA

    To manage IoT devices using optimization algorithm for route-based task sequencing and streamlined employee routes.

    Environmental Sensors Monitoring System PWA | Sarthak S Kumar
  • IoTforHire

    A Startup providing IoT component rentals to support college students and IoT enthusiasts in our university.

    IoTforHire | Sarthak S Kumar

    Official site for Trendy Bites, a vacuum fried snack company. | Sarthak S Kumar
  • Phoenix UAV (VTOL)

    To solve poor connectivity in rural India by using Pheonix VTOL for delivery of goods.

    Phoenix UAV (VTOL) | Sarthak S Kumar

    Website for Shunya, The Official Math Club of PES University. | Sarthak S Kumar

    Web Application for Care and Prevent Anemia (CAPA, now Anemix) Healthcare, with an interactive UI and functionalities. | Sarthak S Kumar
  • Constraint Satisfaction Problems with RAT

    Gamified Sudoku & Rat-Maze problems, solved using Recursive Algorithmic Techniques (RAT).

    Constraint Satisfaction Problems with RAT | Sarthak S Kumar
  • Personal Portfolio Website 2021

    Static single-page website to showcase my work and projects.

    Personal Portfolio Website 2021 | Sarthak S Kumar
  • AgriBot 1.0 Prototype

    Locomotive to gather essential soil properties data across the field, offering farmers crop-specific insights for optimal growth decisions.

    AgriBot 1.0 Prototype | Sarthak S Kumar
  • Swachh Bin Prototype

    A prototype dustbin that can be kept in a vehicle. It can compress waste added to it and make space for more waste to be added.

    Swachh Bin Prototype | Sarthak S Kumar

Hobby Projects

Some of my personal projects.

  • Plexi Browser Extension

    Plexi offers a comprehensive set of browser-based tools to boost productivity.

    Plexi Browser Extension | Sarthak S Kumar
  • RTMP LiveStream

    Media server using Node.js and streaming image series video feed over RTMP.

    RTMP LiveStream | Sarthak S Kumar
  • Smart Home Interface

    Allows users to control and monitor their home appliances and environmental conditions.

    Smart Home Interface | Sarthak S Kumar
  • PESU Cafe

    Designed to provide information on the menu, product availability, and services provided by the PES University cafeteria.

    PESU Cafe | Sarthak S Kumar
  • Notes Web App

    Save notes and delete unused ones using this modern, self-managed application.

    Notes Web App | Sarthak S Kumar
  • ImmunoDrive India Web

    To resolve Under-Vaccination/Non-Vaccination of children and prevent threatening diseases.

    ImmunoDrive India Web | Sarthak S Kumar
  • Secure-Efficient Data Transmission

    A CLI Based project using Compression and Cipher Algorithms in C.

    Secure-Efficient Data Transmission | Sarthak S Kumar
  • I-City Mangaluru App

    App that includes components required for a smooth functioning of an ideal smart city.

    I-City Mangaluru App | Sarthak S Kumar
  • Prototypical Agriculture System

    Developing and monitoring agriculture lands remotely using IoT and automation.

    Prototypical Agriculture System | Sarthak S Kumar
  • Mechanium

    4WD BLE RC car equipped with Mecanum wheels, enabling omnidirectional movement.

    Mechanium | Sarthak S Kumar
  • Ideal Home Security

    All-in-one model for security needs, offering seamless phone control and real-time streaming capabilities.

    Ideal Home Security | Sarthak S Kumar
  • Obstacle Sensing Robot

    Obstacle avoidance robot using arduino with ultrasonic sensor and LCD for distance display.

    Obstacle Sensing Robot | Sarthak S Kumar